The use of wood goes back to ancient times, no doubt due to the fact that it is a natural, environmentally respectful material. Forest conservation policies exhaustively control felling and subsequent reforestation, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of nature’s ecological balance.Certain advances in technology (autoclave) allow us to free timber of harmful fungi and insects, ensuring its durability, and therefore making wood a viable competitor with other modern materials, such as aluminum, steel and prestressed concrete. Even so, wood continues to be unrivaled for its beauty and its warmth.It was precisely this notion of respect for nature, combined with a fascination for the refined radiance of wood that spurred Llorenç Rosal Vert, the "heart and soul" of FUSTES CA'N ROSAL, to found this company some 40 years ago, in his desire to collect a wide range of different types of wood. By importing lumber from leafy trees (from Africa, Europe and the Americas), coniferous trees (from Europe and the Americas), tropical trees (from the Americas and Asia) and needless to say, from Spain’s own domestic forests, he was able to offer his customers a broad array of high quality lumber products at fair prices. He also made great efforts to instill his way of thinking and feeling in those of us who have taken his relay at FUSTES FILLS DE LLORENÇ ROSAL, S.L. We continue to adapt and evolve with the times, in response to the trust and faith that our CLIENTS AND FRIENDS have given us. To all of them, we extend our most heartfelt thanks.